Hello! I’m Jeanne – a San Diego based Registered Dietitian, nutrition coach and consultant, recipe creator, home chef, health and food writer, and fitness junkie.

Good nutrition does not have to be complicated. Whether you want to excel in sports, reach specific personal fitness goals, or have the energy and vitality to be the best version of yourself each and every day, I can help you get there, step by step.

I know the media and social norms today do us no favors when it comes to a balanced relationship with our bodies, food and fitness. Through working to overcome my own struggles with health and mindset, I cultivated a passion for helping others re-discover the innate freedom that comes with a positive, fruitful relationship with food and movement.

Individuals and groups work with me to form and seamlessly incorporate habit-based, sustainable practices that enable them to achieve and maintain all their goals for a lifetime. I also partner with and create content for nutrition & wellness brands that I use myself and can stand behind. 

A little more about me: I love to learn and share as much knowledge around food, fitness, behavior, and mindset as I can. I have a Masters in Nutrition & Food Science and am currently training to be a Precision Nutrition Certified Level 2 Master Coach. I row with an incredible all women's club in San Diego's Mission Bay called ZLAC. I lift and love the strength and power it produces. I love exploring the great outdoors with my friends, family, and very wiggly Boxer, Monty. I cook - a lot. Getting creative with healthy cooking is one of my favorite pastimes. All of these things about me play into why I decided to change my career path and make it a focus so I could use my passions to help others achieve and live their goals.  

I’d love to hear about you. Contact me to learn more about one-on-one coaching or recipe/content/branding services.


Jeanne Reilly, RD