Ginger & Garlic Marinated Tempeh

Vegetarians, meat-eaters, vegans and pescatarians, lend me your eyeballs! This garlic and ginger marinated tempeh will knock your socks off with it’s zesty flavors, firm texture and satisfying high protein content. Whether you like to eat meat, seafood, dairy or just plants, the fact remains we all need protein to thrive, so protein I’ll give you! It just may be in a different form than you’re used to…but who said eating healthy had to be boring! 

If you’re not familiar with tempeh, it’s a wonderful source of plant based protein that even meat-eaters love! It’s a bean - a soybean, to be exact! Similar to tofu and edamame, it has the high protein content that soybeans offer, but unlike tofu, tempeh is very minimally processed. The beans are just soaked and fermented in a patty like shape that you buy at the store. The fermentation process creates lots of beneficial probiotics - food for the good bacteria in your digestive system. Add to that the wonderful, digestion supporting properties of garlic and ginger and you have powerful dish! Who doesn’t love a happy gut?

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I have to share a couple of my favorite kitchen tools that came in handy for this recipe - a microplane and garlic press (both of these will be on my upcoming foodie gift guide, by the way! Perfect stocking stuffers!). The microplane is so helpful for grating ginger. In fact, I freeze my ginger after I buy it. It stays fresh longer and is much easier to grate when it is frozen! Don't even worry about peeling off the skin - it will come off easily as you grate and eating a little bit of the thin ginger skin won't hurt anyone. The garlic press shaves at least 5 minutes off of prep time. Instead of chopping all those cloves into tiny bits by hand, I just throw them in the mincer and I'm done! Both a minimal investment with great return! 

Look for tempeh in the refrigerated section of your grocery store near the tofu and meat alternative products. This is just one way to prepare tempeh. I also love it sautéed and incorporated into pasta sauces, soups, sandwiches, and many other dishes! Have you tried tempeh before? What are some of your favorite ways to prepare it? 

Ginger & Garlic Marinated Tempeh


  • 2 packages tempeh (this recipe is made with orignial/unflavored)
  • 2 inches fresh ginger root, grated 
  • 5 cloves garlic, minced
  • 1/2 cup coconut aminos (can sub Bragg's liquid aminos or low sodium soy sauce)


  1. Whisk together minced ginger, garlic, and coconut aminos in a medium bowl to make marinade. 
  2. Cut tempeh to desired shape (small cubes, slices or crumbles)
  3. Add tempeh to marinade, stir to coat and let sit to absorb flavors for 30 minutes or more. 
  4. When you’re ready to cook the tempeh, heat pan over medium heat, coat with coconut or avocado oil, pour contents of bowl into pan and sauté until tempeh has a golden brown hue and most of marinade liquid is absorbed. 
  5. Use cooked tempeh in any of your favorite dishes in place of your typical protein. Here I include it in a stir fry! It’s also great in a salad. 

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