A Balanced Working Life by Aavini from Fools and Flowers

A Balanced Working Life by Aavini from Fools and Flowers

5 Smart and Actionable Steps to a Peaceful Work Environment


1. Always be humble. We all have varying levels of expertise and experiences and it is vital to be respectful when offering assistance, and remaining humble when asking for help;


2. Be absolutely in love with your job so you can continue to have a positive mindset, even if some days do get challenging. Not all of us may have our dream jobs, but find something about your work that makes you smile and count your blessings.


3. Believe in yourself and nurture your faith every single day as you complete your tasks and engage with clients and colleagues. These qualities, combined with incredible self-love will project you as a confident and composed colleague, and a reliable team member;


4. Have an open mind if ever you get caught up in a disagreement. You do not always have to agree with everyone in the team but do make genuine efforts to assess the misunderstanding from other people’s perspective as well; and

5. Take great pride and responsibility in your role, be loyal to your employer and your team, and always be true to yourself!


“Breathe, believe and make it happen”




Aavini is a Fiji born sixth generation descendant of indentured labourers from India. She works as an early childhood teacher in Auckland, New Zealand and is passionate about safer work environments. She is the creator and author of lifestyle blog, Fools and Flowers