This holiday season, give the gift of health! 

The holiday season can be an indulgent time! This year, give your loved ones the gift of health  -- and it will last a lifetime! Jeanne Reilly RD offers several different packages that you can gift to a loved one (or yourself!) this holiday season.  


Family Focus


Family Focus is a package to help guide families through some of the challenges facing today's information overload of nutritional content to find a plan that works for your family's unique needs!  So many parents have felt lost when their kids have struggled with body confidence issues and they don't know how to feed their kids to accommodate to their unique needs. Family Focus is an excellent gift for your loved ones and the benefits will last well beyond the holiday season! Family Focus includes: 

  • A 60 minute detailed initial consultation directly with Jeanne Reilly RD. You can choose to have your whole family (including your kids) in attendance or we can keep it to the grown ups! 
  • A personalized post call plan with specific action steps for their unique family needs. 
  • A 30 minute follow-up call approximately 2 weeks later to discuss progress and make any changes as needed. 
Family Focus Gift Card
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Intensive Nutrition Consultation

Intensive Nutrition Consultation GIFT CARD

Struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one this holiday season? Help make their New Year's Resolutions last longer than January with a 1:1 private intensive nutrition consultation directly with Jeanne Reilly RD.  Jeanne works with a variety of individuals -- from parents who are struggling to address their growing child's unique nutritional needs to athletes looking to enhance performance through nutrition to busy professionals simply wanting to shift to a more healthy lifestyle -- and everything in between. During your 30 minute session, Jeanne can cover family nutrition, eating goals and/or body confidence issues within the family as a whole -- or work with you individually! She accepts clients from around the world and sessions are held virtually on Skype.