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Ben Kleinert

Ben has trained olympic athletes towards achieving personal records at their sport. He's assisted in the rehab process of elite level to weekend warrior athletes, readying and preparing them for their sport. He's trained clients toward better posture, movement and pain-free, healthier lifestyles. Nothing excites him more than seeing clients and athletes achieve what they've fought and struggled to achieve. Ben has been blessed with the opportunity to have learned from the best. He graduated from Michigan State with a degree in Kinesiology, specializing in health promotion. He had the privilege of interning with Raphael Ruiz, five time NCAA Champion and Strength and Conditioning Coach to olympic and elite athletes of various sports. He worked at Fix Body Group as an exercise rehabilitation and strength and conditioning specialist. It was at Fix, under the mentorship of Jonathan Pierce that he honed his skills while treating athletes and patients; quickly becoming the Director of the Rehabilitation Department.


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