As a busy mom herself, Jeanne Reilly RD knows that sometimes change needs to happen at your family's own pace. Refrigerator Redux is a self-guided tutorial to kick-start your family's healthy eating habits by starting at the heart of it all -- your kitchen! This series includes five key components, all of which include audio (directly from Jeanne) and support materials: 

  • Step 1: Assess
    Jeanne provides a comprehensive audio guide that you can listen to at your convenience. In this session, she will walk you through a step-by-step approach to cleaning up your kitchen, in a manner that is truly sustainable for you and your family.


  • Step 2: Plan
    In the second session, Jeanne walks through how to truly plan a balanced meal for your family in advance. She'll offer some guidance and suggestions, but most of all -- arm you with the tools that'll have you craving your next planned meal!


  • Step 3: Restock
    In this third session, Jeanne will take you through the process of grocery shopping and restocking your kitchen in a way that will make choosing and preparing healthy meals and snacks a breeze for everyone in the family. Look out for some great printable tools you can use again and again.

  • Step 4: Take Action
    It's time to get cooking! A plan is just a plan until you act on it. In this fourth session, Jeanne will provide expert tips to make it easy to actually use all those fresh veggies and foods you just bought, rather than turning to take out the first time life gets hectic. 

  • Step 5: Revisit
    This is not a one-time exercise! Jeanne speaks to simple ways to restock and keep your hard work working harder for you and your family. In this fifth session, Jeanne will walk you through figuring out what worked for you and your family, what didn't, and how to keep the momentum going now that the kitchen is set up for success! 


This five-part self-guided tutorial is available to you for $47 (less than the average grocery bill!).  Click the button below to purchase.