Coaching, Consulting, Recipe Development, Writing & Brand Representation

My passion is to show and inspire others how to make nutrition simple again. I share information, recipes, photographs and real-life tips on how to integrate good nutrition into your life in a sustainable, realistic, delicious way. 


I use a habit based approach to behavior change to coach individuals toward optimized diets and lifestyles for any variety of goals. Some common client goals include a focus on:

  • Body composition change - weight loss or gain
  • Sports performance
  • Pre/Post-natal nutrition
  • Food allergies & intolerances and alternatives
  • Digestion and gut health
  • Corporate wellness events and program design

I offer kitchen makeovers, meal prep tutorials, grocery store tours, and any variety of custom, in-home nutrition services.

Whether you're looking to banish diets forever, set a record or personal best in your sport, feel great at your wedding, after a baby, at a reunion, or just put up a fight against the dirty tricks aging can play on our bodies, contact me to chat about a personalized plan to help you uncover the best version of you. 

Recipe Development: 

I test and create recipes for food brands to share with my audience and theirs on all social media channels and marketing materials. I love getting creative with ingredients and showcasing products in a nutritious, appealing, approachable way that increases brand exposure and consumption. Looking for some delectable recipes your buyers can try with your food products? Be in touch and we can come up with an appropriate strategy for you & your target market.

Content Creation:

Writing, blogging & photography are my forté.  I author nutrition content and collateral for food and health products I use myself, can stand behind, and recommend to my clients. I write blogs on nutrition topics and current research, demystifying the health merits of various foods and lifestyle habits. I create and narrate the execution of delicious recipes accompanied by drool-worth photography. If you're looking for blog content, photographs, food label/packaging verbiage, or any other nutrition or health-related information for your brand's website or social media channels, I'd love to help! 

Brand Representation: 

I work with brands that align with my nutrition and health philosophy. If your brand is passionate about healthy, active, nutritious living, and looking to increase your product's exposure, let's chat! In addition to recipe development, some options I can accommodate are:

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Brand Ambassador/Sponsorship
  • Guest Posts
  • Product Features/Reviews
  • Advertising opportunities

Reach out any time to discuss rates/packages: (Or just click the contact button below)

I look forward to hearing from you! 


Jeanne Reilly, RD