I collaborate with brands who I believe can help improve the health of families. I provide expertise in product and brand development and representation, media relations, custom recipe development, expert blog post authoring, product reviews, and any variety of customized requests. Explore the ways we can work together and empower parents to instill sustainable, healthy habits in their children for life. 

You are so good and such a breath of fresh air.
— Mike Ferretti, CEO, Great Harvest Bread Co.

Content Creation

Writing, blogging & photography are my passion.  I author nutritional content and collateral for food and health products that I use myself, can stand behind, and recommend to my clients. I author blogposts and articles on a variety of nutritional and parenting topics. My portfolio includes anything from educational resources to inform parents of the health benefits of a product, to drool-worthy photography, label design, and any other nutrition, health, or parenting-related information for your brand's website or social channels might need conveyed with the credibility of a Registered Dietitian and mom. 

Brand Representation 

I work one-on-one with brands that align with my nutrition and health philosophy. If your brand is passionate about healthy, active, nutritious living for families, and looking to increase your product's exposure, let's chat! I have offered a variety of customized services that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Brand Ambassador/Sponsorship
  • Guest Posts
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Product Features/Reviews
  • Advertising opportunities

Recipe Development

I test and create recipes for food brands targeted to help parents gain more confidence in addressing the unique nutritional needs of their family. I love getting creative with ingredients and showcasing products in a nutritious, appealing, approachable way that increases brand exposure and consumption. Looking for some delectable recipes your buyers can try with your food products? Contact me today to begin identifying the most appropriate strategy for you & your target market.

Brands I've worked with: